Maximize Your Video Meetings With Zoom App on Apple TV – Transform Your Living Room into a Virtual Conference Room!

Zoom Video Conferencing Now Available on Apple TV 4K

After months of anticipation, the Zoom video meetings app is finally accessible on the Apple TV 4K. Although the Apple TV box itself does not have a camera, users can connect their iPhone using a stand, such as the Belkin MagSafe Mount, to take advantage of the Continuity Camera feature in order to utilize the app.

This development follows the introduction of the FaceTime app to Apple TV through the tvOS 17 update. Competitor WebEx had also previously revealed its plans to release an app for Apple TV, however, it is not yet available to the public.

The Continuity Camera feature, which works with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 17, allows users to use the device’s camera feed directly on the Apple TV without the need for additional accessories. This feature is especially useful for automatically focusing the camera on the individuals speaking in the room.

The Zoom app for Apple TV is a separate download from the Zoom app available for iPhone and iPad, labeled as ‘Zoom for Home TV’. This indicates that the TV app does not contain all the functionality available in the main apps but is specifically designed for starting and joining meetings from the TV set.

Additionally, the Zoom app for Apple TV provides convenient calendar integration, offering shortcuts to upcoming scheduled meetings in an easily accessible view. The app is available for free in the Apple TV App Store, but users will need a Zoom account to utilize its functionality.

The availability of Zoom on the Apple TV platform provides users with more options for utilizing video conferencing and streaming services, ultimately making it more convenient for individuals and businesses to connect and communicate with others.

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