New Update: YouTube’s Real-Time View and Like Display – See the Numbers Live!

Google Updates YouTube Like and View Counters

Google is making a change to the “likes” and “views” counters on YouTube. The new update will make these metrics refresh automatically while a video is being watched. Currently, the number of likes and views on a video does not change while the video is being viewed. However, with the update, these two metrics will now rise and show a cool animation of rolling numbers, whether the video is playing or paused. The animation will even continue if the viewer switches to another app and then returns to YouTube.

This new behavior was first noticed by Android Police, who couldn’t find any official reference to it except for a post on Reddit from user nonotan. The user had expressed their annoyance with the animation and had found a way to disable it using filters.

Other Reddit users also shared their experiences with the feature, with one user, Reyh, finding it distracting and not beneficial at all.

It appears that this feature is being tested with a very limited number of YouTube users globally. Those who have access to it will see the number of views and likes increasing on the screen in real-time as they watch the video.

Overall, some users may find this new feature to be a progress, while others may find it distracting. Google is yet to announce when this update will be fully rolled out to all YouTube users.

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