2023 YouTube Music Recap: Your Year in Review with a Twist – Spotify Wrapped Comparison!

YouTube Music has just released its 2023 Recap, allowing users to take a look back at their music trends for the year. This unique feature uses your top song, moods, and energy score to create a custom album art for your 2023 album cover. The 2023 Recap has arrived just after Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped, so users can now enjoy the year-end festivities regardless of which music streaming service they use.

Similar to other music streaming services, the YouTube Music 2023 Recap reveals your top songs, albums, and genres throughout the year, with a playlist of your top 100 songs readily available. Your recap also details your musical moods, showing how they matched up to different times of the year. For example, the moods of the first half of the year include “high-key dramatic” and “doing the most,” which sounds about right.

One exciting feature of the new 2023 Recap is the custom album art. The app takes into account your top moods, colors from your top track album art, and your “energy score,” and combines them to create an album art to represent your 2023 music journey. This feature also expands on the Google Photos integration that was launched last year, allowing users to add and customize images to better match their vibe. Users can also download or share their cards and stats with others directly from the Recap, so they can annoy their friends and family by posting their 2023 Recap to all their social media platforms to reveal their music habits.

To access your recap, you can visit the banner in the YouTube Music app’s home page or select “Your Recap” from the Account page in the Library tab. This exciting new feature allows users to celebrate their musical journey throughout the year, providing a fun and interactive way to look back on their favorite tunes and moods from 2023.

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