YouTube’s New Strategy: Longer Commercials, Fewer Ad Breaks – Making Ads Great Again!

Google announced on Thursday that there will be fewer ads on the YouTube app for TVs. However, the catch is that the ads will be longer than before. While the current “Skip Ad” button usually appears after 5-10 seconds, the new format could make users wait a full minute before they can skip the ad. This change is part of Google’s effort to provide a better streaming experience for YouTube viewers.

Google’s decision is based on its survey data, which shows that 79% of people prefer ads to be grouped together rather than spread out over the course of a video. As a result, the new ad format will have longer ad breaks in exchange for a lower number of ad breaks. It is still unclear how long these breaks will be, but Google has stated that it will either show the time remaining in the break or the time left until it can be skipped.

Another consequence of this change is that users will have to wait longer before they can skip ad breaks. The current default time for skipping ads is between 5 and 10 seconds, but with the new format, it could take up to or exceed a minute.

In addition to the changes in ad format, YouTube Shorts will now have ads in the TV app for the first time. However, users who want to avoid ads altogether can subscribe to YouTube Premium.

The new ad format will apply to the YouTube app for TVs, including Google TV streaming devices, smart TVs, and third-party streaming devices. Google has not provided an exact release date for the shift, only mentioning that it will “roll out soon.”

The changes in ad format and the introduction of ads on YouTube Shorts are part of Google’s efforts to provide a better experience for viewers while still allowing for monetization of content on the platform.

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