Biden’s Signature Brings T-Mobile 2.5GHz Goldilocks Spectrum Boost

T-Mobile Set to Expand 5G Network with Newly Acquired Spectrum Licenses

In September 2022, T-Mobile made a significant investment, spending over $304 million to obtain 7,156 2.5GHz mid-band licenses in 2,724 counties. This acquisition is set to support T-Mobile’s 5G Ultra Capacity service, utilizing the spectrum it obtained from its purchase of Sprint.

However, T-Mobile has been unable to take possession of these licenses due to the expiration of the FCC’s auction authority, which prevented the regulatory agency from turning over the spectrum licenses. The House of Representatives has now passed the 5G Spectrum Authority Licensing Enforcement (SALE) Act, signaling good news for T-Mobile. The bill will force the FCC to turn over the licenses to T-Mobile, pending the signature of the president for it to become law.

Once the licenses are granted, T-Mobile is expected to immediately upgrade service for more than 50 million individuals and provide in-home broadband service to 3 million households. This expansion is made possible because mid-band spectrum allows for faster data speeds than low-band spectrum and can travel farther than high-band mmWave airwaves.

T-Mobile’s VP of Legislative Affairs, Tony Russo, expressed his excitement about the passing of the 5G SALE Act, stating that it is a big win for U.S. consumers and will allow T-Mobile to connect millions of Americans to high-speed internet.

The passing of this legislation is expected to have a positive impact on T-Mobile’s operations, while potentially presenting challenges for competitors such as AT&T, Verizon, Charter Communications, and Comcast. With the potential for more in-home broadband opportunities, T-Mobile’s expansion is likely to disrupt the market.

Overall, the acquisition of the mid-band spectrum licenses is set to position T-Mobile as a leader in providing high-speed internet and 5G services, benefiting consumers across the United States.

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