Best Black Friday Deals: Edifier Headphones Under $100 – Perfect for Every Budget

Holidays are near, and if you’re looking for great deals on audio tech and gear, then Edifier’s Black Friday sales are the ones to watch out for. With just $100 in your pocket, you can score a sweet deal on a pair of premium wireless headphones.

The Edifier WH950NB wireless headphones are currently on sale for only $99.99, down from their regular price of nearly $200. These headphones are a total steal at this price, offering premium features and a high-end user experience. With Bluetooth and wired audio playback options, a hard carrying case, and impressive battery life, these headphones are a great value for the money.

For those with a tighter budget, the Edifier W820NB Plus wireless headphones are on sale for just $55.99. Despite their lower price, these headphones are packed with impressive features such as Hi-Res Audio, hybrid ANC, and support for both wired and wireless playback. With a variety of color options and comfortable earcups, the W820NB Plus headphones offer a phenomenal value proposition for their price.

The Black Friday deals on Edifier’s headphones are already live, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag some high-quality audio gear at an affordable price. Whether you have $100 or just about $50 to spend, Edifier has you covered with their impressive lineup of discounted wireless headphones.

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