Maximizing Productivity: How Wi-Fi 6E Revolutionizes Your Apple Fleet

Apple’s latest products are lining up to support Wi-Fi 6E. The iPad Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max all support Wi-Fi 6E. As for the Macs, the MacBook Air is the only one without this feature. Wi-Fi 6E is the newest version of Wi-Fi technology and represents a significant upgrade over previous versions.

So what exactly are the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E? Well, it operates in the 6 GHz band, which can accommodate up to seven 160 MHz channels or fourteen 80 MHz channels. This translates to a much larger bandwidth available for Wi-Fi devices, particularly in crowded areas. Wi-Fi 6E devices can also join the 6 GHz band. This provides the advantage of a new, less crowded highway where only certain “cars,” or devices, are allowed. This means that Wi-Fi 6E can offer a much-improved experience in terms of speed and reliability for supported devices.

The question now might be: is it the right time to start deploying Wi-Fi 6E in your network? For those deploying new Apple devices that support Wi-Fi 6E, the answer is yes. However, Wi-Fi 6E is more expensive than Wi-Fi 6, so for those with existing Wi-Fi 6 devices, it may not be necessary to immediately upgrade.

As for the future, there is already talk of Wi-Fi 7 replacing Wi-Fi 6E in the high end. While Wi-Fi 7 will offer significant performance improvements, it’s likely still a few years away from replacing Wi-Fi 6E in Apple’s devices. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple tends to be cautious when adopting new Wi-Fi standards, as early versions are often battery-intensive.

That’s not all; it’s an exciting time for Apple users as Wi-Fi 6E is a revolutionary technology that offers a major upgrade from previous Wi-Fi versions. It’s clear that this new Wi-Fi standard is quickly making its way to Apple’s entire platform. As a result, businesses and organizations operating with Apple devices may want to consider the potential benefits of upgrading to Wi-Fi 6E as well.

In conclusion, Wi-Fi 6E is set to become the new standard for high-performing, reliable Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi 7 may be on the horizon, Wi-Fi 6E offers substantial benefits for businesses and schools that use Apple devices. With time, as the technology matures and becomes more cost-effective, an increasing number of organizations are likely to make the switch to Wi-Fi 6E to take advantage of its speed, reliability, and overall performance.

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