Boost Your WhatsApp Experience with Uncompressed Image and Video Sending for iOS!

WhatsApp Update Allows iOS Users to Send Uncompressed Images and Videos

WhatsApp has released a new update for iOS that allows users to send image and video files in their unaltered, original state. This feature gives users the option to send media files without the additional compression that the app would perform to save data. It is separate from the previously added HD quality option, which only lightly compresses files to preserve more of the original quality.

In order to send images and videos in their original quality, users need to select the option to send Documents, upon which they will be presented with an additional option to send photos or videos along with files. The image or video files they select will then be sent as-is in original quality. WhatsApp has a limit of 2GB for sending files in their uncompressed state.

This feature has been in testing for some time and is finally rolled out to all users this week. It has been a long time coming, as competing services like Telegram have had this option for years. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is only bringing this feature to iOS for now with no word on Android availability, although Android users can still receive these files.

The update is a welcome addition for iOS users who want to share images and videos in their original quality without having to worry about additional compression. It also brings WhatsApp closer to competing services in terms of file sharing capabilities.

Overall, this update provides iOS users with more flexibility and control over the quality of the media files they share, making the messaging experience more enjoyable and efficient. As for Android users, they may have to wait a little longer for this feature to be made available on their platform.

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