Boost your WhatsApp security with the new Secret Code feature – protect your chats today!

WhatsApp has introduced a new Secret Code feature to add more security to its Chat Lock feature. This new feature allows users to set a unique password as an extra layer of privacy for their locked chats. The rollout of this update has already begun and is expected to be available globally in the coming months.

The Chat Lock feature was launched earlier this year to keep sensitive chats private. With the new Secret Code, it will be even harder for unauthorized users to access locked chats, adding an extra level of protection.

The Secret Code feature allows users to set a personalized password completely separate from their phone’s lock screen password. This password can include letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis, making it unique and difficult to guess.

Additionally, users can permanently lock away their chats from WhatsApp’s primary chat list and can only access them by typing the secret code in the search bar on top. However, users still have the option to showcase these locked chats by swiping down on the chat list.

The rollout of the Secret Code feature has already begun and will be available for users starting Thursday, with further availability expected for a wide audience in the coming months. WhatsApp users are advised to stay updated with the latest version of the app via the Google Play Store.

The Chat Lock feature, which allows users to lock away their chats with their biometrics or screen pins on iOS and Android devices, has proven to be a popular addition to the messaging app. The new Secret Code feature is a welcomed enhancement that will provide users with added peace of mind when it comes to their privacy and security.

For those who are unfamiliar with Chat Lock, WhatsApp has provided a quick guide on how to use the feature, making it easy for all users to take advantage of these new security measures. Overall, the introduction of the Secret Code feature demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to providing a safe and secure messaging experience for its users.

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