Breaking News: Shocking Weekly Poll Results Revealed for the Honor 100 and 100 Pro – Looks Are a Major Problem!

The newly revealed Honor 100 series has sparked interest among smartphone users, as revealed by last week’s poll. According to the poll, half of the voters expressed interest in the Honor 100 duo, showing its potential in the market. However, the phones received mixed reviews due to their Art Nouveau design, which many users found unappealing.

Despite the design concerns, the Honor 100 Pro fared better in the poll, with a decent chunk of people showing interest in its hardware. However, there are concerns about the availability of the Pro model, as its predecessor was only launched in China.

On the other hand, the standard Honor 100 has more to prove, with the majority of interested users waiting for detailed reviews before making a final decision. However, the phones have been priced competitively, with only a tenth of voters expressing concerns about overpricing.

As for the global launch of the Honor 100 series, details have not been revealed yet, leaving users anticipating for more information. Despite the design criticisms, some users are hopeful that a case could cover up the unappealing design, allowing them to enjoy the powerful hardware without distraction.

Overall, the Honor 100 series has shown potential in the market, but the design and availability concerns have left some users hesitant. As the anticipation for the global launch continues, smartphone enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for more details and reviews to make an informed decision.

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