New Poll Reveals: 8-12GB of RAM Emerges as the Ideal Smartphone Sweet Spot

As we near the end of 2023, a recent poll has shown that many people still believe that 8GB of RAM is sufficient for a modern smartphone. However, there is a growing group of users who prefer having 12GB of RAM, with some seeing it as the minimum requirement and others viewing it as a way to future-proof their devices as system requirements continue to increase over time.

The poll also revealed that half of the respondents plan to keep their new phones for at least 4 years, indicating the importance of future-proofing their devices. However, there is a sentiment that RAM capacities above 12GB or below 8GB are not in high demand, with many people expressing the opinion that they “don’t care” about having more than 16GB of RAM.

While there is some interest in 16GB for future-proofing, the majority of users believe that 8-12GB of RAM is the sweet spot for current smartphones. However, it is important to note that lower RAM capacities, such as 4GB or 6GB, are not desirable for most users, unless it is a budget-friendly model.

Additionally, there has been skepticism towards the benefits of virtual RAM, with only 5% of respondents claiming to have felt its benefits. Many users are uncertain about its benefits and the majority of users keep virtual RAM disabled, indicating that there is no substitute for actual RAM.

Overall, the results of the poll indicate that while 8GB of RAM may be sufficient for many users, there is a growing trend towards 12GB of RAM as a way to future-proof smartphones. However, the demand for RAM capacities above 16GB is low, and there is skepticism towards the benefits of virtual RAM. As we move into 2024, smartphone manufacturers may need to consider these preferences when designing and marketing their devices.