Find Out What Experts Say – Weekly Poll: How Much RAM is Enough for Peak Performance?

The debate over how much RAM is enough for a smartphone continues as more and more devices are being released with higher and higher amounts of memory. While Bill Gates may not have actually said “640K ought to be enough for anybody”, the question remains – how much is enough?

Currently, Android Go edition phones come with one or two gigs of RAM, mid-range phones often have 4-6GB, and flagships start at 8GB and go all the way up to 24GB. However, these numbers vary by brand – Samsung and Google won’t go above 12GB, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max has only 8GB of RAM, and some other brands are happy to put 16GB in a mid-range device.

The first smartphone with 24GB of RAM arrived a few months ago, the Red Magic 8S Pro+. Since then, there have been 5 more phones with that amount of RAM, and most of them are not gaming phones, showing a trend towards higher RAM capacity among all types of devices.

The need for more RAM is driven by memory-intensive apps, particularly games and web browsers. With complex sites and multiple tabs open, web browsers can use up a lot of RAM. Additionally, both Android and iOS have the issue of killing apps running in the background to free up RAM for the foreground app.

Virtual RAM has become popular lately, promising to increase RAM capacity by writing data out to storage. However, this is seen as a clunky solution by some, and Google has expressed concerns about the wear on the storage medium caused by frequent writing.

The debate over how much RAM is enough for a smartphone is ongoing, and the use of virtual RAM to improve device performance remains a topic of discussion. As smartphone technology continues to advance, the need for increased RAM capacity is likely to remain a hot topic among consumers and manufacturers.

In conclusion, the question remains – how much RAM is enough for a smartphone? As technology continues to advance, the debate over the right amount of RAM is sure to continue.

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