Get Yours Now: Walmart’s Affordable Google TV Streaming Stick is Here!

Walmart Releases Affordable Google TV Streaming Stick

During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale events, Walmart quietly launched a new Onn Google TV FHD Streaming Device. Priced at just $15, this is the second Google TV streaming stick released by the US retailer and is currently the cheapest option available.

The new streaming stick is a more affordable version of the Onn Google TV 4K streaming stick that Walmart introduced earlier this year. It comes with the Google TV reference remote, featuring shortcuts for popular streaming services like Disney+, Paramount+, Netflix, and YouTube. The main difference between the 4K and FHD versions is the way they connect to the TV – the FHD version connects directly, while the 4K version uses an HDMI cable.

The Onn Google TV FHD Streaming Device boasts 1.5GB of RAM and Google Assistant support. Key features include Full HD resolution, Chromecast built-in for easy casting of photos, videos, and music, voice control with Google Assistant, easy setup, and various connectivity and audio features. The package includes the streaming device, remote control, HDMI cable, power adapter, and more.

It’s important to note that the Onn-branded Google TV streaming stick does not offer Dolby Vision, a feature available on Google’s Chromecast.

Currently, the Onn Google TV FHD streaming stick is only available for purchase online at Walmart, but it may become more widely available in-store in the coming weeks.

Walmart’s new affordable streaming stick provides an economical option for those looking to access Google TV and popular streaming services without breaking the bank.

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