Transform Your TV into a Smart TV for Just $15 with Walmart’s New Google TV Stick – See How!

Walmart Announces New Onn Full HD Streaming Stick with Google TV

Walmart has just announced its latest in-house streaming device, the Onn Full HD streaming stick with Google TV. This affordable device is designed to make any TV smart with the Google TV streaming platform, and it comes with a retail price of just $15.

The Onn Full HD streaming stick with Google TV is now available for order on Walmart’s website, offering a convenient way to access streaming services, Google’s voice assistant, Chromecast, and many other flagship features from Google’s own streaming stick. While the product is only available for online purchase at the moment, it offers a great way to enjoy the benefits of Google TV on any television for a very low cost.

This release marks Walmart’s second in-house streaming device, following the debut of the 4K UHD streaming box with Google TV earlier this year under the same Onn brand. The new Onn Full HD streaming stick joins a few other of Walmart’s streaming endeavors, including a 4K UHD streaming box with Google TV released last year and a streaming stick based on Android TV in 2021.

While the Onn Full HD streaming stick matches the feature set of the Google Chromecast with Google TV in many ways, it uses a micro-USB port for power and has a remote that some users may find cluttered with buttons compared to Google’s sleek and simplistic design. However, at a retail price of just $15, the new streaming stick may find a market as an affordable way to bring Google TV to any television.

Even though the full retail price of Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV is $30, recent deals have brought the price down to as low as $20, making it a close competitor to Walmart’s offering. With the addition of the new Onn Full HD streaming stick with Google TV to Walmart’s streaming lineup, customers now have more options than ever for bringing smart TV capabilities to their homes.

Overall, the introduction of the Onn Full HD streaming stick with Google TV provides consumers with an additional budget-friendly choice for enjoying the full benefits of the Google TV streaming platform. As the demand for smart TV capabilities continues to rise, Walmart’s new streaming device offers an affordable and accessible solution for users looking to upgrade their entertainment experience.

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