Volvo CEO Slams GM’s Move to Ditch CarPlay: ‘Why Pick Unnecessary Battles?’

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan criticized GM’s decision to abandon CarPlay in a recent interview. Rowan mentioned that Volvo’s strategy is to offer customers the choice to use their in-car infotainment system, Volvo’s own software, Android Auto, or CarPlay.

He believes that it is important to give customers options, as many people are used to using Android or Apple products in their daily lives. Rowan emphasized the need to make the car a simple and easy connection point for users to interact with their preferred operating system.

Rowan also highlighted the safety aspect of using a familiar in-car infotainment system, stating that it reduces the likelihood of drivers being on their phones while driving. He expressed that Volvo’s goal is to provide a pleasurable and easy interface experience for customers, whether they choose Android or Apple.

This comes in contrast to GM’s decision earlier this year to abandon CarPlay in its future EVs, which has been met with criticism from both customers and competitors. Volvo’s stance, along with Ford CEO Jim Farley’s similar comments in the past, shows a continued commitment to CarPlay.

It’s worth noting that Volvo’s in-car infotainment system is powered by Android Automotive, a different platform from Android Auto, similar to CarPlay. Despite GM’s decision, other automakers have shown no hesitation in offering both Android Automotive and CarPlay or Android Auto to their customers.

As Volvo continues to prioritize customer choice and safety, it remains to be seen whether GM’s decision to drop CarPlay will have a measurable impact on its business in the future. The full interview with Rowan can be found on The Verge’s website.

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