Exposed: U.K. delivery firms charged with scamming iPhone 15 Pro Max shoppers

Several U.K. consumers have reported receiving the wrong iPhone model after ordering the iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple. Instead of receiving the device they ordered, some customers received a different model or even a fake phone. One user named “Sabila89” reported receiving an iPhone 14 Pro Max with blocked IMEI numbers, and is now seeking guidance on how to proceed with the situation.

Another user, “RobWhistler,” shared a similar experience, stating that they received a fake iPhone 14 Pro Max instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max they ordered. Despite reporting the issue to Apple, the police, and Barclays, they have not received a refund or replacement.

“Chris-J-88” also reported receiving a different iPhone model than the one ordered, and expressed frustration with Apple’s response, stating that the company accused them of trying to defraud them.

In response to these incidents, Apple has acknowledged that something suspicious is happening with deliveries of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the U.K. After emailing Tim Cook with detailed information about the incidents, “Chris-J-88” was promised a replacement device.

It has been suggested that delivery companies may be involved in the mix-up, as one customer noticed an iPhone SE with a sticker from a carrier called Tesco Mobile instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max they ordered. It was discovered that Tesco had recently stopped using a delivery service called DPD for phone deliveries due to customer complaints.

In light of these issues, customers in the U.K. are advised to purchase their new iPhone 15 Pro Max in person at the nearest Apple Store, rather than ordering online. “Chris-J-88” also recommends having the courier record the opening of the replacement device to prevent a repeat of the situation.

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