Get Ready Europe: Threads is Now Available and it’s a Game-Changer!

Meta-owned social network Threads has expanded its availability to the 27 member countries of the European Union. The app, which reached 100 million registered users in its first week last summer, can now be accessed in Europe through and the app store.

Threads is closely tied to Instagram, requiring an Instagram account to post threads. The app is heavily integrated with Instagram, allowing for easy sharing of content between the two platforms. However, the Digital Markets Act in the EU poses a challenge for Meta, as it aims to address the issue of Big Tech favoring its own platforms.

The way Threads operates is similar to Twitter (now called X), allowing users to post, repost, share, send direct messages, and combine posts into a thread. The app quickly gained popularity, especially with Twitter users disgruntled by the platform’s chaos and rebranding to X.

As the new social media platform expands its reach, the question remains whether it can serve the needs of users looking for an alternative to Twitter. Meta will need to navigate the regulatory challenges in the EU while continuing to grow Threads’ user base. The development of Threads in Europe will certainly be one to watch in the coming months.