Uncover the Future of Music: Spotify’s AI-Powered Playlists Revealed

Spotify is testing a new feature with AI that will help users create playlists. The AI will use short prompts to help users build playlists based on their mood or music preferences. For example, users could prompt Spotify to create a background cafe music playlist, or a playlist for a niche genre like Witch House.

The AI feature is not yet available to everyone, but a short TikTok video gives a sneak peek at how it could work. The feature will be accessed from the “Your Library” tab in the Spotify app, and users can give prompts to create their customized playlists.

YouTube Music has also integrated AI into its platform with a new AI playlist art generator feature. This feature creates customized playlist art using generative AI, although it is currently only available for English language US users.

It is not yet clear when these AI features will be available to all users, but it seems like both Spotify and YouTube Music are taking steps to enhance the music experience for their users. Keep an eye out for these new AI-powered features in the near future!