Revolutionary Technology: The Elec unveils groundbreaking iPhone with UD camera launching in 2026

Apple is working on a new iPhone with a camera that’s hidden under the display. This means the screen will fill up the entire front of the phone. But, it might take a while before we see this new iPhone.

A report from a Korean news outlet called TheElec says the new iPhone won’t come out until after 2026. The report also says that Apple’s suppliers have already sent them samples of the under-display camera, but Apple didn’t like them.

LG Innotek, a company that makes parts for electronics, is working on the new under-display cameras. They are using a special lens system to make the camera work better. Right now, one of the problems with under-display cameras is that they don’t take good pictures because not enough light can get through the screen.

Ross Young, who is the CEO of a company that studies the supply chain for electronics, says that Apple might start using under-display cameras for its Pro iPhones in 2025. Then, the first all-screen iPhone with the new camera and a face recognition system might come out in 2027.

This means it might be a few years before we see the new iPhone with the hidden camera. Apple is still working on making sure the camera works well and takes good pictures. But, when it finally comes out, it will mean a big change for the iPhone, with the entire front of the phone being a screen.

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