Unveiling the surprising truth: Dimensity 9300 in vivo X100 Pro throttles after just 2 minutes in stress test

The new vivo X100 Pro smartphone has been put to the test by eager reviewers, and the results are in. The smartphone is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset, which features four high-performance CPU cores. However, during a CPU throttling test, it was found that the processor throttled down to 46% of its performance in just 2 minutes. This means that the cores lowered their speeds significantly, impacting the overall performance of the device.

In comparison, a smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor usually maintains around 80% of its performance yield after more than 10 minutes of the same test. This highlights the significant difference in thermal performance between the two chipsets.

The vivo X100 Pro, like many other flagship smartphones, utilizes a passive cooling solution in the form of a vapor chamber to dissipate heat away from the chipset. While this is a common cooling method, it is not as effective as an active cooling system, such as a fan. Currently, there are no smartphones with the Dimensity 9300 chipset that feature active cooling.

These findings provide valuable insights into the thermal performance of the vivo X100 Pro and the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset. As technology continues to advance, manufacturers may need to explore more robust cooling solutions to ensure optimal performance of their devices.

Overall, the test results shed light on the importance of efficient thermal management in smartphones, and it will be interesting to see how manufacturers address this challenge in future iterations of their devices.

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