Discover the Critical Flaw Holding Apple Maps Back from Competing with Google Maps!

Apple Maps Falls Behind Google Maps in Updating New Roadways

Apple Maps has fallen behind Google Maps in updating newly opened roads, leaving some users frustrated. A recent Reddit post and Autoevolution highlighted the issue, with Redditor Daehtop_Yrrah noting that a new section of freeway near them had been open for almost two weeks but still was not reflected on Apple Maps. In contrast, Google Maps had already updated the new roadway before it was open, displaying “Road Closed” signs.

The problem of slow updates on Apple Maps is a concern for many users, especially in regions where new highways and expressways are constantly being opened. Despite Apple Maps having a feature that allows users to report new roads by pinning the area on the map and “reporting an issue,” the processing of these requests has been described as slow.

One frustrated Reddit user, Lambor14, took matters into their own hands, reporting every missing part of the Polish freeway system and other issues in their region. However, they expressed frustration with Apple’s slow processing of the requests, emphasizing the importance of adding new roads promptly.

While Apple Maps has made improvements over the years and still has some features that users prefer over Google Maps, the delay in updating new roadways is a significant flaw that needs to be addressed. Most Apple Maps users would prefer to see changes to roadways made as soon as possible. Despite this setback, Apple Maps still has the potential to compete with Google Maps if it can resolve this issue and provide more timely updates for users.

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