Exclusive Discount for T-Mobile Layoffs in the Last 3 Years – Don’t Miss Out!

Former T-Mobile Employees Eligible for Special Discount

T-Mobile, the US wireless service provider, has been offering a special discount to its former employees who were impacted by the company’s merger with Sprint. The discount, known as the “Alumni Discount,” allows ex-employees to receive 20 percent off on standard price voice plans for up to 12 lines.

This discount is available to those who were laid off after the completion of the Sprint merger, and it can be applied to a variety of T-Mobile plans, including Simple Choice, T-Mobile One, Essentials, Magenta, Magenta Max, Go5G, Go5G Plus, and Go5G Next. The discount can also be combined with most device promotions and select service promotions offered by T-Mobile.

While the offer may seem generous, it does come with some limitations. It cannot be combined with other similar “Insider” promotions that the employees may have received while working for T-Mobile, nor can it be used with discounts such as 55+, Military, First Responder, Essentials 55+, or Amplified.

The existence of the Alumni Discount was uncovered through internal documents by The Mobile Report, a tech news source. Since the program is not heavily advertised, former employees who believe they may be eligible will need to reach out to T-Mobile’s customer support to check their eligibility and to understand the official terms and conditions.

The discount offer comes at a time when T-Mobile has faced criticism for laying off thousands of employees in several waves over the past three years, despite promises made at the time of the Sprint acquisition that there would be no widespread job cuts.

While the Alumni Discount may not completely make up for the loss of employment, it does provide some consolation for those who choose to remain loyal to T-Mobile after experiencing job loss.

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