Discover the Magic of Smart Portrait Mode in the iPhone 15 – Apple’s Latest Ad Revealed

Apple has brought out a new video ad for its iPhone 15 which highlights the Smart Portrait Mode. The video features the 1 minute 49 second ad spot which shows a couple arguing about who should be in focus in a photo they’ve already taken. Thanks to Smart Portrait Mode, the iPhone identifies when there’s a person, animal or object in the photo so that users can turn it into a Portrait Photo. This works even when the user has taken a regular photo without enabling Portrait Mode.

This feature is available for the entire iPhone 15 lineup. And as with any Portrait Photo, users can then change the focus of the photo when editing. “On iPhone 15 you can turn your photos into portraits after you take the shot. And for even more control, you can shift the focus between subjects,” Apple says in the video description.

The new ad has been a big hit and is gaining a lot of attention. A few days ago, Apple shared another video to promote an iPhone feature. More specifically, the company highlighted how Personal Voice – a feature that recreates the user’s voice using machine learning – works. The video is quite emotional, showing a person who has lost his voice reading a story to a child using an iPhone.

This new video continues to showcase Apple’s latest innovations and features, keeping the company at the forefront of technology and user experience. The use of Smart Portrait Mode in the iPhone 15 shows that Apple is committed to not only producing groundbreaking technology, but also ensuring that it’s easy and convenient to use for its customers.

The ad has been received well by audiences, and is now available for all to watch on YouTube. With this new ad, Apple continues to highlight how its newest features are changing the way we use our smartphones and how we interact with the world around us. Their commitment to innovation and user experience is evident in the Smart Portrait Mode feature, and is sure to appeal to iPhone users all around the world.

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