Get up to 50% off and shield your eyes with Gunnar’s Black Friday specials

Black Friday Deals on Gunnar’s Premium Glasses at Amazon

If you are looking for a way to protect your eyes while spending long hours in front of a computer or TV screen, Amazon’s latest Black Friday deals might have just what you need. Gunnar’s Premium Gaming and Computing Glasses are now on sale, offering up to 50% off select models.

One of the featured models, the Intercept, is currently available for just $35, a significant discount from its original price of $70. This model can block anywhere from 65 to 98 percent of the harmful Blue Light that can negatively impact your eyes. Additionally, customers can save even more by adding a $3 on-page coupon to their purchase.

But the sale doesn’t stop there. There are other models available with discounts, such as the Maveric with Gunmetal and Amber Tint, which is now priced at $43 due to a 40% discount. The Stark Industries Edition is also on sale for $70 after receiving a 30% discount.

Gunnar’s glasses are equipped with patented lens technology designed to reduce digital eye strain, minimize glare, and prevent dry eyes, ultimately leading to better sleep and eye protection for the future.

The Black Friday deals mean that customers can not only protect their eyes but also save money on these stylish and beneficial glasses. So if you’re in need of eye protection and want to take advantage of these deals, head over to Amazon and grab yourself a pair before they’re sold out. But be sure to keep in mind that the deals are valid at the time of publishing, and products may go out of stock or the discounts may expire. So act fast to secure the savings and protect your eyes this Black Friday.

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