Harman, owned by Samsung, expands audio capabilities with acquisition of multi-device platform Roon – Click to learn more!

Samsung-Owned Harman Acquires Roon, a Multi-Device Audio Platform
Samsung’s audio electronics company, Harman, has announced its acquisition of Roon, a popular music player platform for audiophiles. Roon is known for its usability across multiple devices in multiple rooms, regardless of their brand.

Harman, which owns audio brands such as AKG, dbx, JBL, and Soundcraft, has been a part of Samsung since 2017. The company’s expertise has been implemented in Samsung earphones and smartphones.

Dave Rodgers, President of Lifestyle Division at Harman, stated that the acquisition is part of the company’s identity to “create exceptional audio experiences” for partners and consumers worldwide. Enno Vandermeer, CEO of Roon, expressed that combining forces will provide Roon with the scale, resources, and reach of a global technology leader.

Despite the acquisition, Roon will maintain its independence to invest in the business’s growth and future. The brand will also bring its expertise in data management and consumer engagement capabilities to all Harman partners, including Samsung Mobile.

The news of the acquisition was welcomed by audiophiles and technology enthusiasts alike. This partnership is expected to bring new and improved audio experiences to consumers across the globe.

The acquisition of Roon by Harman is part of the company’s continued efforts to stay at the forefront of audio technology and innovation. With its global reach and resources, Harman aims to further enhance the audio experiences of its customers and partners.

Overall, this acquisition marks an important milestone in the audio industry and is expected to bring exciting developments for music lovers and technology enthusiasts in the near future.

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