Revolutionary Samsung to Introduce Cutting-Edge Blue Phosphorescent OLED Panels in 2025: What This Means for the Future of Displays

Samsung Delays Introduction of New Blue Phosphorescent OLED Panels

Samsung had originally planned to introduce a new type of blue phosphorescent OLED panel in 2024, but a report from The Elec suggests that this may be pushed back to 2025. The delay is due to difficulties in the development of the new material used for the blue sub-pixels.

The current display technology used by Samsung implements phosphorescent green and red sub-pixels, but the blue diodes still use fluorescent. This means that they cannot technically be called PHOLED. The new phosphorescent diodes offer 100% internal luminous efficiency, a significant improvement over the current blue fluorescent ones that only reach 25%.

If Samsung can successfully develop the new blue phosphorescent diodes, it has the potential to greatly improve power efficiency. However, the lifespan of the blue phosphorescent diodes is about 55% of the fluorescent blue diodes, which is a major drawback. Some industry experts are skeptical that Samsung will be able to overcome this obstacle and implement the technology into commercial products by 2025.

Despite the challenges, Samsung is committed to continuing their research and development efforts. They aim to be the first manufacturer to mass produce PHOLED panels, which could give them a significant advantage in the market in the coming years.

While the delay is disappointing, it’s clear that Samsung is dedicated to making advancements in display technology. The company’s continued efforts to innovate and improve their products will be closely watched by industry observers and consumers alike.

For more information, visit the original article from The Elec (in Korean) here:

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