Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5: FCC reveals storage, S-Pen and charging details for high performance

Samsung is getting ready to release a new rugged tablet called Galaxy Tab Active5. The tablet has recently passed the FCC certification, which has revealed some important details about the device.

The Galaxy Tab Active5 will come in two variants – 5G-ready and Wi-Fi only. It will have a default internal storage of 128GB, and users will also have the option to expand the storage using a microSD slot. Additionally, the tablet will support S-Pen, which will be included with the device. It will also come with a 15W charger in the box.

The tablet is expected to have a massive 10,000 mAh battery, so it may take some time to fully charge with the 15W charger. With the FCC certification received, the official launch of the Galaxy Tab Active5 is imminent.

The new tablet from Samsung is expected to provide users with a durable and reliable option for their computing needs. The rugged design and powerful features make it suitable for those in need of a tough and long-lasting device.

The FCC certification has provided valuable insight into what consumers can expect from the Galaxy Tab Active5, and anticipation for its release is growing. Keep an eye out for the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 in the upcoming weeks.

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