Boost Your Photography Game with Samsung Expert RAW Camera’s New ND Filter Feature

Samsung has recently updated its Expert RAW camera app with a new experimental feature – the neutral density (ND) filter. This update is available in the latest version of the app, which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

The ND filter feature can be found under the “Expert RAW Labs” section in the app’s settings. Once enabled, users will see an ND icon in the top-right corner of the viewfinder. They can adjust the strength of the ND filter in multiples of two, starting from 2 and going up to 1,000.

This new feature aims to give users more control over their photography, allowing them to adjust the exposure and create stunning effects in their photos. The update has been well-received by photography enthusiasts and professionals, who are eager to test out this experimental tool.

Samsung continues to innovate its camera app, providing users with new and exciting features to enhance their photography experience. The company remains committed to delivering high-quality tools and technology to its users, and the addition of the ND filter feature is a testament to this dedication.

Overall, the update to the Expert RAW camera app has been met with positive feedback, and users are encouraged to download the latest version to take advantage of the new ND filter feature. With this update, Samsung is once again solidifying its position as a leader in smartphone photography.

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