Master Your Galaxy Watch with Samsung’s Universal Gestures

Samsung Celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities with Universal Gestures on Galaxy Watches

Samsung is commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) by highlighting the accessibility features of its Galaxy Watches. The company wants to remind everyone that its watches are suitable for everyone, thanks to the so-called Universal Gestures.

These gestures enhance accessibility by allowing users to navigate without having to touch the display or the rotating bezel at all. The feature can be enabled in the Settings menu under the Accessibility sub-menu. The two main gestures are “make a fist” and “pinch”.

The “make a fist” gesture selects an item, while making a fist twice opens up the Action menu or activates Universal gestures. The “pinch” gesture moves to the next highlighted item, while a double pinch returns to highlight the previous item.

The Action menu displays different available actions depending on the active app or menu, making these gestures useful for a wide range of tasks. However, there is a catch – the Universal Gestures cannot be used if Google Wallet is active on the Galaxy Watch.

This is because the gestures can only be activated if there is no screen lock set up, while using Google Pay requires a screen lock for security reasons. It’s also important to note that the Universal Gestures are different from the gestures found in the Advanced features menu, which allow users to answer calls, dismiss alerts, or launch an app with other hand motions.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are designed to be inclusive and accessible for everyone, and the Universal Gestures feature is a testament to that commitment. With these gestures, users with disabilities can navigate their smartwatches with ease, and even those without disabilities may find them useful in their everyday lives.

As technology continues to advance, it’s important for companies like Samsung to prioritize accessibility and inclusion in their products, and the Universal Gestures on Galaxy Watches are a step in the right direction.

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