Act fast: Samsung’s Cyber Monday deals could spell the end of the brand

Samsung’s Cyber Monday Deals Offer Unbelievable Savings on Galaxy Products

Samsung is offering incredible Cyber Monday deals on its Galaxy products, with discounts that seem almost too good to be true. With the purchase of a new Samsung phone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 5, or Galaxy Z Flip 5, customers can snag a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for just $49 or a Galaxy Watch 6 for only $99.

To put these prices in perspective, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro typically retail for $229, while the Galaxy Watch 6 is normally priced at $299. This means that customers can walk away with a brand new phone, a brand new watch, and a pair of Samsung’s best wireless earbuds for under $500 when trading in their old phone.

The trade-in values for old phones are also impressively high, with even phones as old as a Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9 getting at least $300 off any of the three aforementioned phones. Additionally, customers who activate the phone with their carrier on the same day of purchase can receive up to $1,030 off the phone after trade-in.

Verizon is also offering generous trade-in deals, accepting any Samsung Galaxy phone in almost any condition for a trade-in value of up to $800 off a new Galaxy S23 Ultra.

For those looking to save even more, purchasing an old phone from Swappa for a low price can still result in significant savings on a new phone. With the high trade-in values and massive discounts on accessories, it’s difficult to understand how Samsung is making any profit with these deals.

Even older phones like the Galaxy S21 can be traded in for at least $400, further reducing the price of the new Galaxy S23 Ultra or Z Flip 5. The combination of elevated trade-in values and steep discounts on accessories significantly increases the value of the purchase.

Customers can simply scroll down to the “Limited time bundle offers” section when ordering a phone on Samsung’s website and click on the accessory they want to take advantage of these incredible deals.

In addition, Samsung’s ecosystem of Galaxy products is designed to work seamlessly together, with the pair of Buds 2 Pro enabling spatial audio recording when paired with a Galaxy phone, and the Galaxy Watch 6 offering deep integration with Samsung’s One UI.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Galaxy S23 FE is available at a reduced price and comes with elevated trade-in values until the end of Cyber Monday. Bundling a Galaxy S23 FE purchase with a pair of Galaxy Buds FE for $49.99 or a Galaxy Watch 6 for a discounted price also offers incredible value.

Overall, Samsung’s Cyber Monday deals are offering unprecedented savings on its Galaxy products, making it the perfect time for customers to upgrade their devices and join the Samsung ecosystem.

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