Half Price PS5 Storage Upgrade: Unleash the Power of Cyber Monday Madness!

The Best Cyber Monday Deal for Your PS5: Samsung 990 Pro SSD on Sale!

If you’re a proud owner of a PS5, you’ve probably heard of the SSD song in Astro’s Playroom. Now, you can upgrade your PS5’s storage and speed while saving a lot of money with a fantastic Cyber Monday deal on the Samsung 990 Pro SSD.

This incredible SSD is available at a whopping 53% off, no matter if you choose the 1Tb, 2Tb, or 4Tb size. It’s the perfect opportunity to expand your PS5’s storage capacity and enjoy even faster speeds. Plus, adding an SSD to a PS5 is surprisingly simple, and Android Central has provided instructions to help you through the process.

What’s more, this Cyber Monday deal offers every single size available at discounted prices. Just keep in mind that different retailers have different sizes available, so you’ll have to choose between Amazon, Best Buy, or Samsung itself depending on which size you want.

As stated in a Samsung 990 Pro review, this SSD is the best you can buy for your PS5. It’s unbelievably fast and stays cool under pressure, even without a heatsink. This feature is great for saving money, as some SSDs require an extra heatsink that costs additional money. However, regardless of the model you choose, it will provide you with more room to install all the games you love to play this Holiday season.

While you’re at it, Dbrand is offering an amazing 40% off sale on PS5 Darkplates. Whether you want to give your PS5 a jet black or 90s transparent look, Dbrand has a variety of options available for much less, but hurry, as the sale ends on Monday, November 27.

So, don’t miss out on these fantastic Cyber Monday deals to enhance your PS5 gaming experience. Whether it’s adding more storage with the Samsung 990 Pro or giving your console a new look with Dbrand’s Darkplates, there’s something for every PS5 owner to enjoy this Cyber Monday.

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