Unbiased Ring Stick Up Cam Pro Review: Discover the Pros and Cons of This Powerful Camera and App!

Ring’s app has gotten so bloated with different device types that it’s convoluted. For example, when you select which alerts you’d like to receive, there are settings for the built-in camera and the doorbell in all the same place. These two devices do very different things and should not be mixed together in your alert settings for one of the featured devices in an app that should be designed to help you identify which devices are sending alerts to your devices. That is not intuitive and really hampers the experience of using a device like the Stick Up Cam Pro.

On top of that, another thing I’d like to see Ring do in its app is to add support for a feature known as the Geofence. What this does is that it uses your phone’s location to arm or disarm certain Ring devices that you set up in the app. Right now, this feature is only compatible with the Ring Alarm, and it would be really beneficial to have it available for other devices like security cameras. This was just a few of the pain points of the Ring app, and I’m sure there will be many more complaints to come.

While the camera is very capable and brings good features found in Ring’s more expensive devices to a slightly more affordable model, the app experience does sour the product. So, who is this camera for? If you currently have Ring devices already installed in your home and are looking to add more cameras, the Stick Up Cam Pro will bring new features to your ecosystem. But if you don’t have any connected cameras in your home, then you may want to look elsewhere for a camera that can better fit your specific need if you aren’t prepared for the frustrations that come from using the Ring app with multiple devices. At the end of the day, I can’t give a glowing recommendation for the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro because of these issues, but I know it could be helpful for some specific applications with the right expectations set.
Overall, Ring Stick Up Cam Pro has many impressive features that will enhance home security. However, its usability and compatibility issues may deter some potential users. The camera offers high-quality video, up-to-date software features, and good audio. All of these combine to make the Stick Up Cam Pro an ideal home security camera. For people looking to add more cameras to their existing Ring ecosystem, it’s a worthy investment to protect their homes. Nonetheless, for those who don’t currently have any Ring devices, it is advisable to explore other options or be prepared to contend with the Ring app’s frustrating user experience.

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