Boost Your Click-Through Rate with this Insight: Repairability – The Underrated Phone Feature

In the world of technology, finding a phone that is not only good but also easily repairable is quite the challenge. Many consumers, like me, have experienced the frustration of having a phone break down, only to find it difficult or expensive to repair. But the good news is that some companies are taking notice and making changes to ensure that their phones are more repairable.

According to a recent article, the author shares a personal experience of having to switch to a new phone, the Pixel 7 Pro, after encountering repeated issues with the Pixel 6 Pro. The main issue was with the socket where a cable connects to the mainboard, which wouldn’t stay connected properly. Additionally, the volume rocker had broken, making it difficult for the author to continue using the phone. After some frustration, the author decided to make the switch to a new phone, which led them to consider the importance of repairability when it comes to choosing a new device.

The author explains that while they have always been an advocate for the right to repair, it was not until their recent experience that they realized how crucial it is to have a phone that is easy to fix when it breaks. They go on to emphasize the value of repairability, stating that it should be a priority for manufacturers to ensure that every product they sell is something a qualified person can keep running.

The author also highlights the efforts of companies like Samsung and Google in making their phones more easily repairable, by making many parts easy to buy and reducing the use of impossible-to-remove glue. They call for more companies to follow suit in offering repairable phones.

The takeaway from this article is that repairability is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new phone. While many consumers are drawn to impressive features like cameras and fast processors, the ability to easily repair a phone should not be overlooked. The hope is that more companies will recognize the importance of providing repairable phones to ensure that consumers get their money’s worth and can keep their devices running for longer periods of time.

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