Rare glimpse into the early stages of Apple Watch development: Pre-production prototype revealed

A rare early Apple Watch prototype has been unveiled by collector Giulio Zompetti, giving us a glimpse into the development of the popular device. The prototype, from December 2013, shows the early stages of the Apple Watch design, more than a year before its official launch in April 2015.

The prototype runs a version of SwitchBoard, an internal testing tool used by Apple to check hardware features, based on an iOS 8 build made for the iPod touch. It features three heart-rate sensors aligned horizontally on the back, with generic laser markings instead of the final ones with the model number.

One interesting detail is that the prototype has a different charger than the final version, which is not compatible with any other Apple Watch model. The Digital Crown also has a slightly different shape compared to the one used in the final version.

Zompetti, who is known for his collection of rare Apple devices, has previously shared images of a prototype from early 2014. He has also shown a rare first-generation iPod touch prototype that still runs an operating system named “OS X” instead of iPhone OS.

The unveiling of this rare Apple Watch prototype offers a unique insight into the development of one of Apple’s most iconic products. Zompetti’s collection of rare prototypes provides a fascinating look at the evolution of Apple’s devices, and tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike will be eager to see more from his collection in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on rare Apple prototypes from Zompetti’s collection.

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