Master HDR Editing with the Latest Pixelmator Pro Update – Boost Your Images!

The new update for Pixelmator Pro, version 3.5, now allows users to fully support HDR image content. This means that users can now shoot HDR photos on their iPhone and edit them with HDR layers inside Pixelmator Pro. After editing, the images can be exported into a variety of standard HDR image formats. This update is available as a free update for existing users, and new purchases are currently on sale for just $25 in the Mac App Store.

The new Pixelmator Pro can import HDR image formats including HEIC, RAW, ProRaw, AVIF, JPEG XL, and more. It is designed to accommodate everything the iPhone camera can produce natively and has additional support for other common industry formats. Users can also import HDR images from Photomator, Pixelmator’s companion app.

In addition to photo editing, recent versions of Pixelmator Pro also include video editing capabilities, and the HDR workflow extends to video files as well. The app can import HDR video formats like HEVC and ProRes, which are shot on the latest iPhone models.

One of the key features of the update is the HDR layers feature, allowing users to mix and match HDR and SDR content in the same canvas without affecting the color spaces of either. HDR layers preserve their HDR data, even inside an otherwise SDR-only composition.

However, viewing HDR content inside Pixelmator Pro requires a Mac running macOS Sonoma and a compatible display, such as the Pro Display XDR or the mini-LED displays found in the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Overall, this update adds significant HDR support to Pixelmator Pro, allowing users to create and edit high-quality HDR images and videos with ease.