Exclusive: First Look at Apple iPhone 16 Prototype Renders

The next iPhone 16 is still a long way off, but there are some exciting new details about the design. According to a recent article from MacRumors, Apple is working on some major changes for the upcoming baseline iPhone, codenamed “DeLorean.”

The most striking change in the design renders is the camera setup. One design takes inspiration from the iPhone X, with a vertical pill-shaped housing for dual camera lenses. Another design features a more familiar look, with each lens housed inside a metal ring. This suggests that Apple is still experimenting with the back design of the iPhone 16.

In addition to the camera setup, the renders also showcase a new button layout. The yellow prototype features a unified volume rocker button, replacing the separate volume up and down buttons that have been a staple of iPhones since 2010. Alongside the volume rocker, all three devices also feature capacitive Action Buttons, with the black model housing a visually larger button.

The most intriguing addition, however, is the capacitive Capture Button located below the power button on the black model. This button, known as “Project Nova” internally at Apple, is rumored to offer force touch feedback and serve as a shutter button for the camera. This suggests that Apple is looking to make significant changes to the way users interact with the camera on the iPhone 16.

These design changes are still in the pre-production phase, so it’s possible that they may evolve further before the iPhone 16 is released. However, the leaks have already generated a lot of excitement among iPhone fans who are eager to see what Apple has in store for its next generation of smartphones.

For more information, you can visit the source of this news at MacRumors.

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