Experience the Genius of Google’s Gemini AI in the Pixel 8 Pro for an Elevated Smart Experience

Google Unveils New Gemini AI Model

Google has revealed its latest AI model, Gemini, which will power its services such as Bard and the search engine. The Gemini model comes in three sizes: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. The Pro version is already available and integrated into Bard, while the Ultra model will be launched early next year.

Pixel 8 Pro users can enjoy the Nano model as part of the December Feature Drop update. This update brings features like Video Boost, upgrades to Photo unblur, and Dual Screen Preview on the Pixel Fold. Additionally, Pixel 8 Pro owners can experience an auto-summarization feature in the Recorder app and Smart Reply, both powered by the Gemini Nano model.

The Gemini Nano model helps the Recorder app generate a summary of conversations, which can be done offline. Gboard, powered by Gemini, can now generate Smart Reply using on-device AI.

It’s impressive how Google has integrated this AI model into a smartphone, allowing users to perform tasks like composing emails and crafting replies without additional storage or overheating their processors.

Currently, only the Tensor G3 processor can run Gemini Nano, but Google is working to bring Nano to Android as a whole. The company has introduced a new system service called AICore that developers can use to bring AI features to their apps.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro, featuring the third-generation Tensor G3, is priced at $799 and promises an outstanding smartphone camera experience.

With the launch of the Gemini AI model and the Pixel 8 Pro update, Google continues to push the boundaries of AI integration in smartphones, making it easier for users to access AI-powered features on their devices.

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