Exclusive: Oppo Find X7 Pro Teaser Leaks – Get a Sneak Peek Before Anyone Else!

Oppo’s Next Flagship Smartphone, Find X7 Pro, Set to Arrive in 2024

Oppo is already working on its next flagship smartphone, the successor to this year’s Find X6 Pro. The new phone, rumored to be called Find X7 Pro, is expected to hit the market in 2024.

A leaked teaser image for the upcoming Oppo flagship was recently shared by a tipster, giving a sneak peek at the camera island of the device. The image hints at a strong partnership with Hasselblad, as the H logo is clearly visible. This suggests that the Find X7 Pro will feature Hasselblad color calibration for its cameras.

The teaser image also shows what appears to be four camera sensors, indicating an upgrade from the Find X6 Pro, which only had three. However, with limited information available, it’s unclear if one of the cutouts is meant for something else.

Rumors surrounding the Find X7 devices suggest that they will support satellite connectivity. Additionally, it is speculated that the Find X7 Pro will be equipped with the Sony LYT-900 sensor for its main camera.

Overall, the Find X7 Pro is anticipated to be Oppo’s entry into the big leagues of flagship smartphones. With enhanced camera capabilities, potential satellite connectivity, and a strong partnership with Hasselblad, the Find X7 Pro is expected to make a mark in the smartphone market in 2024.

Fans of Oppo and smartphone enthusiasts will have to wait for further details and official announcements from the company to learn more about the features and specifications of the Find X7 Pro. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated flagship smartphone from Oppo.

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