Breaking News: Oppo’s Find X7 to feature cutting-edge 1-inch Sony LYT-900 sensor for unparalleled image quality

Oppo Announces New Find X7 Lineup with Sony LYT-900 Sensor

Today, Oppo officially announced the upcoming launch of the Find X7 lineup, giving a glimpse of the new LYT-900 sensor by Sony that is set to debut in the series. The smartphone is expected to be equipped with the 1”-type sensor, which is a new addition to the Find X7 Ultra model.

Although the Sony LYT-900 sensor has not been officially confirmed, leaks have suggested that it will have a diagonal measurement of 16.384 mm and a 50 MP resolution, with each pixel being 1.6 μm big. This sensor is expected to bring advanced processing, improved light sensitivity, and enhanced image clarity, promising users an unparalleled photography experience.

According to reports, the LYT-900 sensor will be made on a 22 nm node, which is a significant reduction from the 40 nm of its predecessor, the IMX989. This change is expected to result in reduced power consumption. Additionally, the new sensor will feature Dual Conversion Gain, allowing for automatic adjustment between high-gain and low-gain modes based on changes in ambient light. This will ultimately lead to clearer photos with realistic colors and a broader dynamic range.

While Oppo’s statement about the LYT-900 sensor primarily consists of marketing talk, the company has promised that the Find X7 device will deliver an exceptional photography experience for users.

The official unveiling of the Find X7 lineup is highly anticipated, with the inclusion of the Sony LYT-900 sensor generating a lot of excitement among smartphone enthusiasts.

For more information, please visit the official source (in Chinese) or via this link.

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