Upgrade your OnePlus 11 with the Stable Android 14 Update – Don’t Miss Out!

OnePlus 11 receives Android 14 update in India

OnePlus has just announced the release of the stable Android 14 update for the OnePlus 11. This update is currently only available in India and is being rolled out to users who participated in the closed beta and open beta programs. The new version is labeled as build CPH2447_14.0.0.201(EX01).

Before updating to the new version, users need to make sure their phone is on either CPH2447_13.1.0596(EX01) or CPH2447_13.1.0595(EX01). Additionally, the download requires 5GB of free storage space, and users are advised to have at least 30% battery left before starting the update process.

The update comes with several new features and improvements, as listed in the full changelog provided by OnePlus. These include the addition of Fluid Cloud, File Dock, Content Extraction, Smart Cutout, and improvements to Shelf, photo and video-related permission management, system stability, app launch speed, system animations, and Aquamorphic Design.

One unique addition is the carbon tracking Always-On Display (AOD) feature that visualizes the carbon emissions users avoid by walking instead of driving. This feature reflects OnePlus’s commitment to environmental sustainability and provides a creative way for users to track and visualize their carbon footprint.

The release of the stable Android 14 update for the OnePlus 11 marks an exciting milestone for users in India, bringing a range of new features and improvements to their devices. The update is expected to gradually make its way to more units in India, and hopefully, to other regions in the near future.

For more information about the update and its features, users can visit the official source provided by OnePlus.

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