1+ Open Endures JRE’s Tough Durability Test – Don’t Miss the Action!

The OnePlus Open is the latest foldable phone to hit the North American market and has already undergone a rigorous durability test by Zack Nelson, the YouTube personality behind JerryRigEverything. While the OnePlus Open managed to survive the test, it still has some durability concerns.

OnePlus Open, described as a blend of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Google Pixel Fold, is the first folding phone from OnePlus. Despite lacking official dust protection, the phone impressed by surviving the scratch, dust, and bend tests in Nelson’s durability assessment.

During the scratch test, the outer display held up well, but the inner screen, which is more like plastic, easily scratched with just the press of a fingernail. Despite this, the OnePlus Open managed to survive the dust test, even without IP dust protection. The most crucial test, the bend test, also saw the phone withstand a significant amount of force, with the hinge flexing beyond 180 degrees without breaking.

The durability test provides some reassurance about the OnePlus Open’s build quality, especially for a first-generation foldable device. However, there are already reports of display issues surfacing on social media shortly after the phone’s launch, indicating the need for continued observation of the phone’s performance over time.

Despite the concerns, the unique design and Hasselblad-powered camera system of the OnePlus Open make it one of the most impressive foldable phones available today. OnePlus’ rigorous testing aims to alleviate worries about the fragility of foldable phones, and it remains to be seen how the device will hold up in the long run.

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