Get Ready to Embrace Nature with the New OnePlus 12 ‘Wood’ Variant Leak!

OnePlus 12 may feature a wood grain back panel, according to a recent leaked image. The image, shared by Chinese Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station, shows a detailed wood texture with divots and imperfections, resembling real wood.

However, there is uncertainty about whether this wood grain shell is the phone’s own back panel or a unique case for the device. It’s also unclear whether the back panel is truly made of wood or if it’s another material designed to mimic the texture of wood, such as glass or plastic.

This potential wood variant follows OnePlus’ previous venture into unique materials, such as the limited edition Marble Odyssey OnePlus 11, crafted from 3D microcrystalline rock. Despite the lower manufacturing efficiency and yield of the microcrystalline rock, OnePlus saw it as an opportunity to differentiate itself from the industry.

The OnePlus 12 is set to debut on December 4 in China, featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for advancements in AI software. The device will also come with a brighter Pro XDR 2K display and at least 16GB of RAM, with the possibility of an increase to 24GB.

It remains to be seen whether the wood grain back panel will be a reality for the OnePlus 12, but if it does come to fruition, it would be the second time the company has ventured into unique materials for its flagship phones. While the uncertainty lingers, consumers can expect the official unveiling of the OnePlus 12 on December 4, bringing potential innovation and differentiation in the smartphone industry.

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