Important Update: A Key Meta Quest Feature Is Being Removed – Don’t Miss Out!

Meta Quest Removes Chromecast Casting Feature

Many Meta Quest users are upset because the option to cast to a Chromecast has been removed from their headsets. People have been reporting on social media that they can no longer use their Chromecast-enabled TV to show others what they are doing in VR.

The official documentation now states that “Chromecast is not fully supported with Meta Quest.” This has left many users wondering why this key feature has been taken away.

Instead of directly casting to a Chromecast-enabled TV from their headset, Meta now wants players to first cast to the Meta Quest app on their smartphone or tablet. Then, they can mirror the device’s display to the larger screen of their choice.

While this adds several steps to the casting process, there are a few positive points to the new method. Casting to the Meta Quest app still allows VR players to take screenshots and record videos, which was not possible when casting directly to a Chromecast.

This change also means that Meta Quest headsets can cast gameplay on Apple, Samsung, Miracast, and other types of devices instead of just Google Chromecasts. Additionally, this method seems to be more reliable than direct Chromecasting, as direct Chromecasting was prone to randomly crashing.

It’s still unclear why Meta is removing the Chromecast feature instead of encouraging players to use the new method. Until a response is received from Meta, users are advised to stick with using the app first.

This change has left many wondering about the future of Meta Quest and whether more features will be removed in the future, or if this is an isolated incident. For now, users will have to adapt to the new casting method and hope for more clarity from Meta in the near future.

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