Tim Cook personally reaches out to two Apple Watch users for their life-saving stories

Two Apple Watch Users credit with Saving their Lives

Two people this week praised the Apple Watch’s ability to detect potential health issues. In Wichita, Kansas, Michael Gallegos received a low heart rate notification from his Apple Watch. This alerted him to the fact that his heart rate had fallen below 40 beats per minute for over 10 minutes. Michael says he was lucky that his son, Nick, bought him the watch. Nick received the notifications too and took his dad to the emergency room, where doctors located an undiagnosed heart condition and installed a pacemaker. Inspired by the situation, Michael’s son sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who responded just a few hours later.

Meanwhile in Asheville, North Carolina, 61-year-old Christopher Oakely also credits his Apple Watch’s heart data with helping explain what he had experienced to his doctors. His doctors ultimately concluded that Christopher had suffered a minor heart attack. Christopher, too, decided to send an email to Tim Cook to share his story and received a response.

Both men are grateful for their Apple Watches, saying it potentially saved their lives. Apple Watch is not just a timepiece anymore, it is also a lifesaver. The ability to monitor heart rate and detect irregular heart rhythms proved to be life-saving for these users. Apple CEO Tim Cook personally responded to their emails, showing the company’s commitment to making products that truly make a difference in people’s lives. This is a testament to the importance of wearable technology in healthcare and the impacts it can have on saving lives.