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Nothing’s CMF Watch App Exposes User Data to Severe Vulnerability

Nothing’s CMF Watch app has been found to have a serious vulnerability that puts users’ encrypted data at risk. The discovery revealed that the supposed encryption of a user’s email and password does not provide the expected level of protection, increasing the risk of exposure.

According to Android developer Dylan Roussel, the encryption method used by Nothing in partnership with the company Jingxun makes it easy for anyone to access sensitive information using the decryption data within the app. This essentially renders the encryption useless and puts users’ data at risk.

Roussel has been in contact with Nothing since September, informing them of the vulnerability in their app. While Nothing has made efforts to upgrade the encryption strength behind user passwords, the risk still remains for users’ emails.

In addition to the issues with the CMF Watch app, Nothing has also faced scrutiny for the lack of encryption in their Nothing Chats app. Reports found that user’s media and messages were not encrypted as claimed by the company, and user information was readily available to be read as it was being stored on a server.

Furthermore, the “bridge” created by Nothing between Android and iMessage with Sunbird has raised concerns about access to messages sent and received through the app.

Users who have used Nothing’s apps are cautioned to take serious measures to safeguard their sensitive information. The company’s struggles with the privacy and dependability of its software continue as they work to address these vulnerabilities and restore trust in their products.

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