Revolutionary: Say goodbye to background noise with Google Messages’ new noise cancellation feature!

Google is working on a new feature for its Messages app that will help reduce background noise in voice recordings. This feature will make it easier for the recipient of a voice message to understand what is being said, even in noisy environments.

The new noise cancellation feature was discovered by code tipster AssembleDebug and is currently available in the beta version of Google Messages. Users can enable noise cancellation by tapping a button in the voice recording dialog box, which will greatly reduce any distracting background noise.

This feature will be especially useful for users who often record voice messages in loud environments, such as on busy streets or in crowded areas. It will ensure that the recipient is able to hear the message clearly, without being disturbed by any ambient noise.

To access the new feature, users will need to ensure they have the latest beta version of Google Messages installed on their Android phones. They can check the app version in the Settings > Apps section of their device.

For those who do not have the Google Messages app installed, it can be found in the Play Store under the name “Messages by Google.” A direct link to the app can be found here.

Overall, this new noise cancellation feature in Google Messages will greatly improve the experience of sending and receiving voice messages, especially in noisy environments. Users will no longer have to worry about background noise interfering with their messages, making communication clearer and more effective.

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