Discover the Best of 2023 with Michael Hicks’ Top 10 Picks

Android Central writer reflects on 2023

Michael Hicks, a writer for Android Central, shared his thoughts about his 2023 experience. After a year of freelancing, he started full-time with Android Central in December 2020. This marks the end of his third year with the site, and he described it as a brand new beginning.

Hicks switched from a jack-of-all-trades role to one focused on wearables and fitness. In 2023, he reviewed most of the best fitness watches of the year, used the Quest 2 and 3 for workout tests, and found joy in the transition. He shared his top ten things that he loved doing or seeing during 2023, including experiences with smartwatches, walking 10,000 steps a day for a month, and testing the Garmin Forerunner 965 to improve his breathing.

Additionally, Hicks expressed his excitement about the improvement in running watches, which have become “REALLY good” with advanced perks that have improved his training. He also shared a fun and heartwarming story about his cat, Blue, who has stopped interfering with his VR experience, creating a more enjoyable time for both of them.

Furthermore, Hicks shared his experience at Google I/O and his effort to convince his partner to try an Android phone, which led her to enjoy the unique foldable experience. Finally, he shared his love for Star Wars Legends, explaining how it brought comfort and joy after a demanding year filled with work and running.

Hicks’ reflections provide a glimpse into the world of fitness and technology, sharing his personal experiences and the joy he finds in his work. Looking ahead to the future, he expressed hope that his higher VO2 Max and increased mileage will serve as a strong foundation to make 2024 an even better year, suggesting exciting things to come.