Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max vs Galaxy Z Flip: A Folding Faceoff You Can’t Miss

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the first large iPhone that one user has ever had, and they have mixed feelings about it. For starters, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a great camera, long battery life, and excellent performance. However, the design of the phone hasn’t changed much in years, and it can be difficult to use with one hand compared to other large phones. The user believes that Apple should consider making a folding iPhone because of the size issues.

The user provides some insights from their experience with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. They believe that the phone’s sharp edges and lack of optimization for one-handed use make the transition from a smaller iPhone a challenge. They compare their experience with the iPhone to using a similarly sized Pixel 8 Pro, which feels far easier to hold and operate with one hand. They also note that Android is far better adapted for single-hand use on large phones than iOS.

The user also shared their pitch for a folding iPhone, explaining that they love the large display of the iPhone 15 Pro Max for various tasks but dislike the idea of carrying around a massive, heavy phone. They imagine a folding iPhone, similar to a Galaxy Flip type device, that can change from a compact phone to a normal-sized one.

They also discuss what it would take for Apple to consider making a folding iPhone. They suggest that a collective push from consumers, the media, and decreased demand for normal iPhones could influence Apple’s decision. They also speculate that Apple might be waiting for the technology to create a folding phone with a glass display, rather than plastic, before entering the market.

Overall, the user presents a unique perspective on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and raises interesting points about the potential for a folding iPhone in the future. Whether Apple will consider creating a folding iPhone is uncertain, but the user makes compelling arguments in favor of the idea.