Enhanced Security and Exciting Features: Meta Introduces Default End-to-End Encryption in Messenger

Meta Upgrades Messenger with Default End-to-End Encryption and New Features

Meta announced on Wednesday that it will be upgrading its Messenger app to provide end-to-end encryption (E2EE) as the default setting for all users. Previously, E2EE was an optional feature that users could enable for better privacy and security, but now it will be automatically enabled for the more than a billion Messenger users.

The company has also added new features to enhance messaging, such as message editing, disappearing messages, read receipts control, updated media selection and sharing, and playback speeds for voice messages. These features are aimed at providing users with a more secure and customizable messaging experience.

The rollout of E2EE chats and calls has already begun, but Meta states that it will take “a number of months” for the global rollout to reach all users. When a user is upgraded to E2EE chats, they will be prompted to create a recovery method for their account, such as a PIN, to ensure access to their messages in case their phone is lost or inaccessible.

E2EE chats will be secured using the renowned Signal Protocol and Meta’s in-house Labyrinth Protocol, and the company has published technical papers outlining its approach to E2EE for Messenger.

In addition to E2EE, Meta has introduced other new features to Messenger, including the ability to edit messages up to 15 minutes after they’ve been sent, disappearing messages that stay for 24 hours in E2EE chats, the option to control read receipts, and faster playback speeds for voice messages. Furthermore, users can expect higher quality photos and videos in chats, as well as an updated media selection and sharing interface.

These new features, apart from E2EE, should be available to Messenger users immediately. With these enhancements, Meta aims to provide its users with a more secure, flexible, and enjoyable messaging experience. Users can check their Messenger app for these new features and updates.

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