Revamped Discord App for Android and iOS: Enhanced Chat, Simplified Search, and More!

The popular gaming and community platform, Discord, has just rolled out a major update for its mobile app on Android and iOS. The update includes a new four-tab navigation view, aimed at creating a better experience for users on handheld devices.

The revamped UI introduces four new tabs at the bottom of the app: “Server,” “Messages,” “Notifications,” and “You.” The “Server” tab allows users to quickly hop into different channels and switch between multiple channels within a server. The “Messages” tab now displays all DMs and Group chats, along with a carousel detailing friends’ activities such as listening to music on Spotify or playing a game. Users can also easily access shared media, such as images, videos, and links.

The “Notifications” tab lets users interact with alerts for replies, mentions, and more, allowing them to jump directly to where they were pinged. Additionally, items in the Notifications tab will automatically clear once viewed. The “You” tab has also been revamped to include profile information, status, settings, and a new profile icon upload option.

The update also includes a new “Midnight” theme with a completely black background, as well as improvements in performance. The app now opens faster by 55% on Android and 43% on iOS, and uses less data when moving between channels and servers. Discord expects users to experience less crashing with the new update.

Overall, the update aims to enhance the user experience on mobile devices, making it easier for gamers and communities to interact with each other. The update is now available on Android and iOS, but it may take some time before all users see it available on the app stores. Users are advised to continue checking throughout the week for the update. With these updates, Discord is sure to continue providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for its users on mobile devices.

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